Services Project Management System
Empowering Multi Utility Customer Centric Projects

Get all the essentials you're looking for in a lightweight package.

SPM Features

Gantt Chart for visual Project Management

A visual representation of project tasks, which shows the progression of the projects. Show estimated start and end dates and planning and completion of Work Requests. See which resources are assigned to which Work Requests.

Fully Integrated with Salesforce Field Service

SPM is designed to be used as a standalone application, connected to other ERP systems or fully integrated with Salesforce Field Service.

Enquiry Tracking and Quote Generation

Register and track customer enquiries of various types including requests for quotes, work and inspections and requests for information.Quickly create estimates and send them to the customer using company branded quotation documents.All Enquiries can be sent through an approval process and / or service level agreement process with alerts when deadlines are approaching or have passed.

Work Management

Build packages of planned or ad hoc work using standard jobs. Calculate planned and actual cost of labour, materials, and equipment. Manage multiple job types including maintenance, inspections, repairs, upgrades, refurbishments, network reinforcements, new connections, and diversions.Assign internal and external resources to jobs and track the completion of work.

Opening Notices

Send notifications to the relevant local authority containing details of the proposed works. Identify locations using the built in map function. Track dates of opening and closing notices and automatically receive alerts when key dates are approaching or have passed.

Project Management

Build projects across multiple sites, locations, and properties.Manage expenses, resource availability,build plan and schedule the project using the built in Gantt chart. Monitor estimated and actual costs of materials and resources.

Estimation and Quotation

Build estimates using standard units of work which include time and materials, equipment, external costs and expenses. View all contestable and non-contestable costs split by asset category. Process estimates through an approval process.

Cloud Based Application

As SPM is built on, a cloud based platform, your users, project managers and engineers can work remotely from any location with internet access. Our mobile enabled application allows for information sharing in the field on any mobile device.


Plan and record meter installations and record Meter Point Registration Numbers and meter readings.Schedule routine maintenance, replacements, and fixes. Store multiple meters within a single property.

Site Management

Record key contacts; security services, utility contacts, local authority contacts, customer, contractors and ground workers. Manage HSE requirements and CDM Regulations. Manage phases, locations and properties

Incident Management

Register and track the progress and resolution of network failures, faults, breakdowns and accidents. Automatically route the incident to the correct team / people and automatically escalate them based on Service Level Agreements. Associate incidents with Assets, Work and Projects.

Time Management and Expense Tracking

Book time against work and projects for internal and external resources. Record expenses against individual jobs or projects and monitor costs in a single view.

Access Agreement

Manage Wayleaves and Easements and associate them with asset locations and areas of work. Track the ownership of the land and payments made to landowners.

Asset Management

Track installed assets, their value, when they need servicing, which network they are connected to and any location specific requirements. Build individual assets into hierarchies. Create work requests for inspections, maintenance, repairs, installation, and removal.Categorise assets into logical groups, e.g. Overground and Underground Network and track the costs across the different asset categories.Convert materials and equipment on work requests into installed assets and components and record their installation date, end of life date and maintenance schedules.

The application has been designed as an end to end solution for managing projects for energy and utilities companies. This solution provides tools and processes for these companies to be more effective and productive from estimation to execution and maintenance.The product helps to manage the timeline, track the progress and duration of the project. Plan and manage the budget and timelines for residential as well as for commercial projects.
Working with many parties can be time consuming and expensive. The application helps to collaborate with Project Managers, Design Managers, Contractors etc seamlessly. Through the application, companies can manage all tasks from the starting stage till its completion process. Suitable for projects large and small, helping the companies in planning, executing, delivering and maintaining the tasks with ease.

Product features

Multi utility app developed for Energy and Utility management companies to manage and execute utility related request from the customers.